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203. Footprints: Jewish Books Through Time and Place--Data 2024.02.05

204. From California’s Extreme Drought to Major Flooding: Evaluating and Synthesizing Experimental Seasonal and Subseasonal Forecasts of Landfalling Atmospheric Rivers and Extreme Precipitation during Winter 2022/23

210. Geometry-Informed Data-Driven Mechanics

213. GRID3 COD - Health Areas v1.0

214. GRID3 COD - Health Facilities v1.0

215. GRID3 COD - Health Zones v1.0

216. GRID3 COD - Religious Centers v1.0

217. GRID3 COD - Schools v1.0

218. GRID3 COD - Settlement Names v1.0

232. Ice formation, deformation, and disappearance

237. Immunomodulatory Matrix for Ligament Healing

265. Learning in the Presence of Adaptive Behavior

266. Learning through the lens of computation

271. Liberalism from the Margins

273. Listening with the Unknown: Unforming the World with Slave Ears and the Musical Works Not-In-Between (2020) The Sound of Listening (2020) The Sound of Music (2022)

293. Metabolic Machines

296. Microeconomic Heterogeneity and Macroeconomic Policy