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2. Technology and implementation science to forge the future of evidence-based psychotherapies: the PRIDE scale-up study

4. Challenges and opportunities in the science of research to practice: lessons learned from a randomized controlled trial of a sexual risk-reduction intervention for psychiatric patients in a public mental health system

5. Classical Human Leukocyte Antigen Alleles And C4 Haplotypes Are Not Significantly Associated With Depression

6. Discovery And Replication Of Cerebral Blood Flow Differences In Major Depressive Disorder

8. Impact of patient education videos on genetic counseling outcomes after exome sequencing

11. The RESPECT study: a feasibility randomised controlled trial of a sexual health promotion intervention for people with serious mental illness in community mental health services in the UK

12. Three Decades and Counting: HIV Service Provision in Outpatient Mental Health Settings

13. When IRBs Say No to Participating in Research about Single IRBs

18. Anxiety And Anhedonia In Depression: Associations With Neuroticism And Cognitive Control

20. Cerebral Blood Perfusion Predicts Response To Sertraline Versus Placebo For Major Depressive Disorder In The Embarc Trial

21. Childhood Trauma History Is Linked To Abnormal Brain Connectivity In Major Depression

22. Cognitive training and neuroplasticity in mild cognitive impairment (COG-IT): protocol for a two-site, blinded, randomised, controlled treatment trial

28. Evaluation of the cost and effectiveness of diverse recruitment methods for a genetic screening study

30. Genome-wide Burden Of Rare Short Deletions Is Enriched In Major Depressive Disorder In Four Cohorts

31. Genomic Relationships, Novel Loci, And Pleiotropic Mechanisms Across Eight Psychiatric Disorders

32. Gwas Of Suicide Attempt In Psychiatric Disorders And Association With Major Depression Polygenic Risk Scores

37. Personalized Prediction Of Antidepressant V. Placebo Response: Evidence From The Embarc Study

38. Perspectives on ethnic and racial disparities in Alzheimer's disease and related dementias: Update and areas of immediate need

40. Pretreatment Rostral Anterior Cingulate Cortex Connectivity With Salience Network Predicts Depression Recovery: Findings From The Embarc Randomized Clinical Trial

42. Resting EEG Measures Of Brain Arousal In A Multisite Study Of Major Depression

43. The Concise Health Risk Tracking-self Report: Psychometrics Within A Placebo-controlled Antidepressant Trial Among Depressed Outpatients