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202. Establishing Moderators And Biosignatures Of Antidepressant Response In Clinical Care (embarc): Rationale And Design

207. Genetic Pharmacotherapy as an Early CNS Drug Development Strategy: Testing Glutaminase Inhibition for Schizophrenia Treatment in Adult Mice

213. Impact Of The X Chromosome And Sex On Regulatory Variation

215. Integration of Social, Cultural, and Biomedical Strategies into an Existing Couple-Based Behavioral HIV/STI Prevention Intervention: Voices of Latino Male Couples

218. Mechanisms of amphetamine action illuminated through optical monitoring of dopamine synaptic vesicles in Drosophila brain

220. Mental Illness Sexual Stigma: Implications for Health and Recovery

222. Neural Correlates Of Three Promising Endophenotypes Of Depression: Evidence From The Embarc Study

226. Offspring Of Depressed Parents: 30 Years Later

230. Polygenic Interactions With Environmental Adversity In The Aetiology Of Major Depressive Disorder

231. Prevalence of marijuana use does not differentially increase among youth after states pass medical marijuana laws: Commentary on Stolzenberg et al. (2015) and reanalysis of US National Survey on Drug Use in Households data 2002–2011

232. Project Gel a Randomized Rectal Microbicide Safety and Acceptability Study in Young Men and Transgender Women

248. What’s A Family?

249. A Computational Analysis Of Flanker Interference In Depression

250. A Genome-Wide Copy Number Variant Study of Suicidal Behavior

253. Brain Amyloid Deposition and Longitudinal Cognitive Decline in Nondemented Older Subjects: Results from a Multi-Ethnic Population

270. Joint Analysis Of Psychiatric Disorders Increases Accuracy Of Risk Prediction For Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, And Major Depressive Disorder

274. Moderation Of The Relationship Between Reward Expectancy And Prediction Error-related Ventral Striatal Reactivity By Anhedonia In Unmedicated Major Depressive Disorder: Findings From The Embarc Study

277. Phenotypic and molecular analyses of primary lateral sclerosis

284. Screening For Depression In African-american Churches

285. Test-retest Reliability Of Freesurfer Measurements Within And Between Sites: Effects Of Visual Approval Process: Test-retest Reliability Of Freesurfer Measurements

290. TREM2 is associated with increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease in African Americans

296. Alcohol Consumption Patterns among Adolescents are Related to Family Structure and Exposure to Drunkenness within the Family: Results from the SEYLE Project

298. Association of MAPT haplotypes with Alzheimer’s disease risk and MAPT brain gene expression levels