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304. Latina Women

306. Legalizing the Revolution

344. A DREAM Deferred: Latinos and Immigration

346. Affirmative Action and Socioeconomic status

347. American Indians’ First Amendment Rights

350. Asian Americans and Language as a Barrier to Voting

352. Asian Americans and Native Americans

354. Bi/Multiracial Identity and Women’s Issues

356. Changing attitudes among Native Americans over LGBT rights

359. Disability and Euro Americans

360. Disability Discrimination in Higher Education

361. Disabled Native Americans

362. Does Product Placement Change Television Viewers’ Social Behavior?

365. First Amendment Rights for Disabled

366. Freedom of Language: Hispanic’s Fight for Cultural Equality

368. Gender Inequality in the Workplace

370. Hispanic Whites: The Rising Majority

373. Influence of International Women in America

378. Latino Immigration

381. Latino - Women and Gender Issues

383. LGBT Asian Americans

384. LGBT Protest Politics

385. LGBT Violence

388. Middle Eastern Americans and Criminal Justice

390. Middle Eastern Americans and Public Opinion

392. Middle-Eastern Americans and the 1st Amendment

394. Minority Religions and Voting Behavior

395. Native Americans/African Americans

396. Native Americans/Criminal Justice

397. Native American Women and Sexual Assault