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2. Going to Pieces: Laughter, Women's Writing, and the Multiple Self, 1928-1943

8. Artist Texts

12. Distributed Agency in the Novel

13. Evoking Disgust in the Eighteenth Century

16. Smart Characters: Psychometrics and the Twentieth-Century Novel

19. All Along…! The Pre-History of the Plot Twist in Nineteenth-Century Fiction

23. Passive Life: Vitalism and British Fiction, 1820-1880

24. Rhythm Changes: Jazz Rhythm in the African American Novel

25. Rum, Rome, and Rebellion: The Reform of Reform in the Political Fiction of the Gilded Age

28. Archepollycyes: Fiction and Political Institution around Philip Sidney

32. Missing Homes: Poe, Brontë, Dickens and Displacement

34. "Oh, Awful Power": Energy and Modernity in African American Literature

42. Spectatrices: Moviegoing and Women's Writing, 1925-1945

44. Unfeeling Empire: The Realist Novel in Imperial Britain