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LDEO Longwave and Shortwave Downwelling Radiation on R/V Falkor cruise FK191120

Zappa, Christopher J.; Witte, Carson Riggs

Measurements of longwave (LW; Kipp & Zonen CGR4) and shortwave (SW; Kipp & Zonen CMP22) downwelling radiation were made from the top of R/V Falkor’s main mast throughout cruise FK191120 (, from Nov 20, 2019 to Dec 20, 2019 in Pacific waters near Fiji. Data is provided at 1Hz in a netcdf file that includes LW, SW, Time (UTC), Latitude, Longitude, Ship Heading, and units information.

Keywords: Air-Sea Fluxes, Radiation, Solar Radiation, Back Radiation, Tropical Ocean Heat Flux, Insolation, Infrared Emission


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A netcdf file containing all data and metadata.