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LDEO 2 MHz Nortek AquaDopp High-Resolution (HR) Pulse-Coherent Velocity Data on the Stratus Mooring, Oct 2008 - Jan 2010

Zappa, Christopher J.

Measurements of centimeter-scale velocities were collected using a 2 MHz Nortek AquaDopp High-Resolution (HR) pulse-coherent velocity profiler deployed at 8.4 meters water depth on the Stratus Mooring at 20°S, 85°W in 2008-2009. This was carried out as part of the Variability of American Monsoon Systems (VAMOS) Ocean–Cloud–Atmosphere–Land Study Regional Experiment (VOCALS-Rex) in the Southeast Pacific Ocean. These measurements are used to estimate turbulence kinetic energy dissipation rates, a key parameter in studies of surface ocean mixing and air-sea transfer. Included here are the instrument’s output velocity (.v1), amplitude (.a1), correlation (.c1), header (.hdr), sensor (.sen) and system (.ssl) files.

Keywords: Stratus region, Southeast Pacific Ocean, ocean turbulence, turbulence kinetic energy dissipation rates


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Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Ocean and Climate Physics
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May 4, 2022