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Shareholder Expectations and Experiences with New York HDFC Cooperatives

Pereyra, Carlos Miranda

New York city is currently facing an affordable housing crisis. In an attempt to solve this issue, tackle the problem of neglected buildings, and provide an opportunity to uplift communities through homeownership, the city and its residents have been exploring housing cooperatives as a potential solution. Unfortunately, the HDFC production and purchasing processes can be incredibly long, arduous, and expensive. Through this project, I seek to better understand the experiences of shareholders of HDFC cooperatives as they purchase or participate in the development of their homes.

Through interviews, I explore the HDFC accessibility, both in financial and non-financial terms. I find that the HDFC program is a lot more complex than initially assumed. I also find that the HDFC acquisition process is generally a negative experience across the board, but in the end shareholders seem to be satisfied with their homes. To improve upon the existing structures, I encourage public entities involved in HDFC development to improve their communication regarding HDFC processes and requirements.

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Dublin-Boc, Jenna L.
M.S., Columbia University
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August 9, 2023