Mathematics Assessment at the Postsecondary Level: Three Alternative Forms of Assessment

MacMahon, Alyssa L.; Mongroo, Chandra N.

Postsecondary mathematics classrooms continue to become more diverse, which implores educators to continue to incorporate more diverse modes of assessment to support all learners. However, researchers have found that mathematics assessment at the postsecondary level has remained mostly stagnant, with traditional, closed-book exams dominating the field. In thispaper, we present three alternative forms of mathematics assessments for teachers at the postsecondary level. We incorporate researched-based tools for implementation and grading online, oral, and project-based assessments in mathematics. Potential limitations of each type of assessment are also addressed


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Journal of Mathematics Education at Teachers College

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August 19, 2022


mathematics assessment, online assessment, oral assessment, project-based assessment, postsecondary mathematics