Oral history interview with Herbert Samuel Landsman, 1965; Audio Clip 2

Landsman, Herbert; Edwin, Ed; Kratcha, Kae Bara; Springer, Kimberly; Wang, Karen

Herbert Samuel Landsman, a research director at Federated, admires Lazarus’ business acumen and status in society in his oral history. Landsman contrasts Lazarus with Lincoln Filene, a fellow department store retailer.


Excerpt from full interview with Herbert Samuel Landsman:


Reproduced in Meddlesome Practices: Oral Histories of Good Troublemaking in Business is an online exhibition of business-related oral histories from the Oral History Archive at Columbia. Visit the exhibition website here:


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March 3, 2022


From: Landsman, Herbert. (1965). Oral history interview with Herbert Samuel Landsman, 1965. Columbia Digital Library Collections [Columbia University Libraries]. [Oral history]. Retrieved from