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The Impacts of Economic Development Strategies on Urbanizations in India: A case of Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) and Dholera Smart City

Joshi, Ruju

This research critically examines the impact of post-liberalization economic development strategies on urbanization in India, using two key infrastructure projects—the ‘Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)’ and ‘Dholera Smart City’ —as case studies. It investigates the instruments introduced in accelerating planetary urbanization and its relevance in a non-western context.

The research delves into critical aspects of urban development by examining the transformation of land markets, the effects of Special Economic Zones, and the socio-economic consequences on marginalized groups. It aims to assess the viability of Smart Cities as sustainable and replicable development models within a neoliberal framework, positioning them as cases of planetary urbanization in the hinterlands. Through extensive site documentation, interviews, and thematic content analysis, the thesis critically examines the execution of the DMIC and Dholera projects, questioning their impact on social equity and spatial justice.

The research identifies a significant divergence in perspectives between economists and urban planners regarding the urbanization processes in India, highlighting the challenges in achieving holistic urbanization. It emphasizes integrating economic efficiency with social equity to foster inclusive and sustainable urban environments. Furthermore, it suggests the importance of a global perspective in resistance campaigns against the adverse effects of planetary urbanization, underlining the need for equitable and just urban development practices. Ultimately, this research offers a valuable case study model as a cartographic mapping of planetary urbanization in a non-western setting, addressing the current gap in the literature.

Keywords - economic development, infrastructure, neoliberalism, planetary urbanization, special

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Urban Planning
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Slater, Thomas S. J.
M.S., Columbia University
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May 29, 2024