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From Zones to Jobs: Analyzing New York City’s Industrial Shifts and Future Pathways

Zhu, Ziying

This thesis explores the intricate relationship between zoning policies and the availability and nature of jobs in New York City's industrial sectors. Amidst a landscape of rapid urban transformation and economic shifts, the study examines how zoning decisions influence the industrial job market, affecting everything from job creation to economic sustainability within the city. As New York grapples with the challenges of deindustrialization and shifts towards service-oriented industries, the role of zoning becomes critical in shaping the opportunities and barriers for industrial employment.

The research employs a mixed-methods approach, analyzing historical data, current zoning regulations, and employment statistics to assess the impact of urban planning decisions on job dynamics within industrial zones. The findings reveal that restrictive zoning policies have often hindered the growth of industrial jobs, pushing economic activities to the peripheries or out of the city entirely, thus impacting the city's economic diversity and the livelihoods of its working-class populations.

By providing a comprehensive overview of the current state of industrial employment in relation to zoning and land use regulations, this thesis aims to inform policy decisions that could lead to more inclusive and sustainable economic development strategies. The recommendations focus on revising zoning laws to foster industrial innovation and job growth, ensuring that New York City's economic policies align with the needs of its diverse population and contribute to the overall resilience of its industrial sectors.

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Urban Planning
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Bou Akar, Hiba
M.S., Columbia University
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June 26, 2024