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Traction Force Microscopy of T cells Using Micropillar Arrays

Bashour, Keenan T.; Gondarenko, Alexander; Chen, Haoqian; Shen, Keyue; Liu, Xin; Huse, Morgan; Hone, James C.; Kam, Lance C.

The ability to estimate and analyze the mechanical forces applied by T cells to an underlying substrate is a central tool for understanding this complex interface. One powerful approach to gaining this insight is the use of elastomer micropillar arrays as the cell culture substrate; the magnitude and direction of forces applied by T cells can be derived from images of the pillar tips as they are being deflected.

This resource provides an example image stack and ImageJ/MATLAB code to carry out analysis.

Supplement to: Bashour, K. T., et al. (2014). "CD28 and CD3 have complementary roles in T-cell traction forces." Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 111(6): 2241-2246.


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April 26, 2022