Synchronizing and amending: A conversation analytic account of the “Co-ness” in co-teaching

King, Allie Hope

Despite extensive interdisciplinary research on co-teaching over the last few decades, the existing body of work still leaves unanswered questions about what teacher collaboration looks like and how, precisely, co-teaching might enhance student learning or even teacher experience. In the first conversation analytic study to be done on co-teaching for gifted students, I examine one first-grade classroom where two head teachers with equal roles instruct accelerated children. I identify two interactional practices (synchronizing and amending) that co-teachers deploy which underlie and maximize the “co-ness” of their collaborative dynamic. In analyzing and describing these practices in detail, I reveal some of the ways in which co-teachers accomplish collaboration, and I also present evidence for how such collaboration can enhance both learning and teaching in a classroom with young students. Findings contribute to a nascent body of discourse analytic research on co-teaching, provide novel insight on co-teaching in gifted classrooms, and lay the groundwork for some practical suggestions for training materials for co-teachers.


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