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Exploring Public Space Recovery through Community Engagement Approaches in Quito, Ecuador

Kohn, Claudia

This thesis explores the dynamics of public space recovery through community engagement approaches in Quito, Ecuador. Employing a mixed-methods research design, the study focuses on understanding the impact of community participation on urban planning and decision-making processes. Central to this investigation is the examination of how community engagement shapes planning initiatives and urban development outcomes.

The research is framed by three key neighborhoods—Cornejo Bajo, Solidaridad Primero de Agosto, and La Mariscal—selected to analyze the varying levels and forms of community participation within Quito's upgrading projects. The study addresses fundamental questions, including the identification of local stakeholders influencing planning initiatives, the influence of community participation on project design and implementation, different funding mechanisms by the municipality and NGOS, and the outcomes of community involvement in relation to municipal and administrative partnerships.

Primary data collection involved interviews with community leaders and a UN-Hábitat representative, providing critical insights into the development and execution of urban proposals. Rubén Morales Díaz, Sandra Torres, and Melissa Santa María Acosta represented respective neighborhoods, offering perspectives on community-led planning processes, ongoing and future community engagement strategies, and the collaborative dynamics between community entities, municipal authorities, and the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (MIDUVI).

The thesis underscores the significance of community engagement in shaping inclusive and sustainable urban development strategies. By analyzing real-world cases and stakeholder perspectives, this study contributes to a deeper understanding of the interplay between community participation, planning outcomes, and municipal partnerships in Quito's public space recovery initiatives.

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Bou Akar, Hiba
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July 10, 2024