The influence of line mixing on the j and k dependencies of halfwidths and temperature exponents in N2-broadening coefficients of CH3F spectral lines

Boulet, C.; Ma, Qiancheng

The N2-broadening halfwidths of CH3F in the n5 and n6 perpendicular bands have been calculated, along with their temperature exponents. These calculations utilize a modified and refined version of the Robert-Bonamy formalism, developed by the current authors within a semi-classical line shape framework. Extensive comparisons between the predicted halfwidths from the model and experimental measurements at 296 K and 183 K are presented. Our latest model accurately predicts the dependencies of the halfwidths on both the j and k quantum numbers. Furthermore, by extending our calculations to two additional temperatures, namely 240 K and 350 K, the temperature exponent N is determined for various sub-branches. The dependencies of N on j and k are analyzed, and theoretical explanations are provided to elucidate the predicted behaviors of N.

Keywords: Methyl fluoride, N2 broadened halfwidths of CH3F, line coupling and line mixing, temperature exponents, semi-classical line shape theory


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Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer

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Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
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August 1, 2023