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Play what you want, just land on the one: meditating between music, technology, and the philosophy of education

Kim, Charles Chung-Young

Play What You Want, Just Land on the One is a pedagogical invitation and creative mantra. It is my attempt to articulate a disposition of music creation, as it does a conviction about democratic education. The title is a Deweyian invocation of interest, tuning the pedagogical ear towards phenomenological origin(s): scenes of discovery. Learning becomes ontological, to become the questions that drive us. I see music theory a bit differently, music harmony not as scientific principles, but as playground. Music, like how I perceive theory, is constructed for play: Democracy in its most beautiful, where the journey of dissonance binds within moments of collective surrender - to listen, to accept, to embrace the other - the presence of moment-by-moment.

This is a letter for those who don’t quite fit inside the canon, for those listening towards the horizon - laced with a hope, of encouraging, supplementing, and challenging our relationship to music and the learning of it. I am bound by the coterminous nature of culture and music, enlivened by their shared evolution, and how it speaks to what it means to be human.

My chosen genre is meditation, to pursue philosophy in an ancient sense: surrendering codification to illuminate the questions. The inheritance of wonder, while tracing the unnervingly manic, is to skirt the edge of heresy.

This work is structured like a pop song, a form of communication where: the return of each chorus with widened meaning, bridges for unexpected detours, and verses that shape the perception of scene. As you read, remember the return: an idea repeated, now different because of the experience.


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Allsup, Randall
Ed.D.C.T., Teachers College, Columbia University
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June 12, 2024