Tracing Changes in a Gun Control Q&A: The Story of “One Hundred Round Magazine Drums”

Yu, Di

In recent years, the US society has witnessed a sharp growth in political divide, particularly between those holding conservative and liberal views (Pew Research Center, 2014, 2017). Among the multitude of issues that the American people find divisive, the issue on gun regulation has been one of the most controversial ones (Pew Research Center, 2021) wherein attitudes towards guns vary drastically and are divided along partisan lines. Citizens take to platforms of civic participation such as town hall meetings to express concerns about such divisive issues and seek accountability from politicians. This analysis focuses on one such instance and documents how, with the focal issue of high-capacity firearms, both the citizen and politician adjust their next actions in this gun regulation discussion. Specifically, we observe how the citizen reformulates the notion of gun rights while the politician shifts the perspectives of his responses.


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Studies in Applied Linguistics and TESOL
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December 7, 2022