Oral history interview with Doris Wooten Wesley 1971; Audio Clip 1

Wesley, Doris Wooten; La Brie, Henry G; Kratcha, Kae Bara; Springer, Kimberly; Wang, Karen

Doris Wooten Wesley, a social worker and newspaper publisher, describes the crucial role of advertising from Black businessmen and Black churches, who purchased advertisements in her family’s newspaper.


Excerpt from full interview with Doris Wooten Wesley:


Reproduced in Meddlesome Practices: Oral Histories of Good Troublemaking in Business is an online exhibition of business-related oral histories from the Oral History Archive at Columbia. Visit the exhibition website here:


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March 3, 2022


From: Wesley, Doris Wooten. (1971). Oral history interview with Doris Wooten Wesley 1971. Columbia Digital Library Collections [Columbia University Libraries]. [Oral history]. Retrieved from