Brain computerized tomography reading in suspected acute ischemic stroke patients: what are essentials for medical students?

Liu, Chi-Hung; Hsiao, Cheng-Ting; Chang, Ting-Yu; Chang, Yeu-Jhy; Kuo, Sheng-Han; Chang, Chun-Wei; Chen, Chi-Jen; Chen, Chien-Fu; Cheng, Po-Liang; Chin, Shy-Chyi; Chiu, Te-Fa; Hsu, Jung-Lung; Hsu, Peng-Wei; Lee, Tsong-Hai; Liao, Chih-Hsiang; Lin, Chun-Jen; Lin, Li-Han; Seak, Chen-June; Sung, Pi-Shan; Yang, Tao-Chieh; Wu, Yi-Ming

Few systematic methods prioritize the image education in medical students (MS). We hope to develop a checklist of brain computerized tomography (CT) reading in patients with suspected acute ischemic stroke (AIS) for MS and primary care (PC) physicians.

Our pilot group generated the items indicating specific structures or signs for the checklist of brain CT reading in suspected AIS patients for MS and PC physicians. These items were used in a modified web-based Delphi process using the online software “SurveyMonkey”. In total 15 panelists including neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, and emergency department physicians participated in the modified Delphi process. Each panelist was encouraged to express feedback, agreement or disagreement on the inclusion of each item using a 9-point Likert scale. Items with median scores of 7–9 were included in our final checklist.

Fifty-two items were initially provided for the first round of the Delphi process. Of these, 35 achieved general agreement of being an essential item for the MS and PC physicians. The other 17 of the 52 items in this round and another two added items suggested by the panelists were further rated in the next round. Finally, 38 items were included in the essential checklist items of brain CT reading in suspected AIS patients for MS and PC physicians.

We established a reference regarding the essential items of brain CT reading in suspected AIS patients. We hope this helps to minimize malpractice and a delayed diagnosis, and to improve competency-based medical education for MS and PC physicians.


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December 20, 2022


Acute ischemic stroke, Brain CT reading, Delphi, Medical education, Medical students