Union Seminary Quarterly Review, volume 58, issue 3-4 (2004)

“Introduction: “Something of God” in Dolores Williams: Poet, Prophet, Premier Womanist” by Joanne Marie Terrell, Guest Editor, 1

“The Bridge That Carried Us Over: Reflections on the Life & Legacy of Dr. Delores S. Williams” by LaKisha NyHemia Williams, 7

1. “10-Point Platform for a Womanist Agenda (What Womanists Want)” by JoAnne Marie Terrell, 9
2. “Delores Williams’ Theology of the Wilderness Experience: Incarnation in the Wild” by Emily A. Holmes, 13
3. “Efficacy of Retaining Inherited Eurocentric Doctrinal Statements in the Context of The African Methodist Episcopal Church” by A. Nevell Owens, 27
4. “Hagar Ain’t Workin’, Gimme Me Celie: ‘A Hermeneutic of Rejection and A Risk of Re-appropriation’” by Renee K. Harrison, 38
5. “Williams’ Theological Anthropology: The Divine Core” by Meghan T. Sweeney, 56
6. “Womanist God-Talk on the Cutting Edge of Theology and Black Religious Studies: Assessing the Contribution of Delores Williams” by Dianne M. Stewart, 65
7. “Delores Williams: Survival, Surrogacy, Sisterhood, Spirit” by Catherine Keller, 84
8. “Socially Relevant Theology and the Courage to Be: The Influence of Paul Tillich on the Womanist Theology of Delores S. Williams” by Stephen Butler Murray, 95
9. “Theology and Community: Lessons from South Africa” by Linda E. Thomas, 112
10. “Visions of Womanhood: Beyond Idolizing Heteropatriarchy” by Traci C. West, 128
11. “Transforming Power in the Lives of Woman as Surrogates: The Dialogue Between African American and Korean Christian Women” by Hee An Choi, 140

Future of Womanism Panel
“Songs We Thought We Knew: A Conference Celebrating the Work and Thought of Delores S. Williams and the Future of Womanist Theology” Friday, April 30, 2004 at Union Theological Seminary

“Question of the Day” by Emilie M. Townes, 157
“Conference Welcome Address” by Carol A. Dufresne, 163
“Speaking from the Next Generation” by Rebekah Adens, 164
““There Is No Promised Land Beyond the Temple Door”” by M. Shawn Copeland, 167
“Doing Womanist Work” by Kelly Brown Douglas, 170
“My Mother’s Song is Mine!: Digging Deeply into the Cultural, Social, and Political Productions of African American Women” by Cheryl Townsend Gilkes, 173
“Saving the Womanist Self: Womanist Soteriology and the Gospel of Mary” by Melanie L. Harris, 177
“Womanism and Feminism” by Carter Hayward, 180
“Transformation of Consciousness: Taking it to the Pews” by Claudia Highbaugh, 183
“Reading on the Bus: Womanist Visions and the Future of Theology” by Serene Jones, 185
“Womanist Theology: Rooted in History and Open to Dialogue” by Kwok Pui-Ian, 193
“Commitment to Otherness and Diversity” by Gabriella Lettini, 197
“Activism, Analysis, and Challenge” by Sally Noland MacNichol, 200
“From Womanist Theology to Womanist Ethics: The Contribution of Delores S. Williams” by Joan Martin, 203
“The ‘Should’ of Womanism, Youth, and Sexuality” by Kate M. Ott, 213
“Womanist/Jewish Feminist Dialogue” by Judith Plaskow, 216
“A Womanist’s Womanist” by Marica Y. Riggs, 219
“Moving from “Can’t Do” to “Can Do”” by Letty M. Russell, 221
“The Mañana of Womanist Theology: Conversaciones Con Sus Hermanas” by Gabriel A. Salguero, 225

Book Reviews
“Barbara A. Holmes. Joy Unspeakable: Contemplative Practices of the Black Church.” by Melanie L. Harris, 231
“The Cambridge Companion to Postmodern Theology, ed. Kevin H. Vanhoozer.” by Trevor Eppehimer
“N. T. Wright. The Resurrection of the Son of God.” by Hal Taussig, 244

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