Union Seminary Quarterly Review, volume 55, issue 1-2 (2001)

Editorial Statement, v

“Responses to the Tragedy of September 11, 2001”
Members of Union Theological Seminary, 1
Mary C. Boys, 5
David M. Carr, 8
Chung Hyun Kyung, 11
Alan Cooper, 13
Tom F. Driver, 16
Farid Esack, 18
Larry Rasmussen, 21
Ann Bedford Ulanov, 25
Janet Walton, 29
Delores Williams, 31

“Hagar in and out of Context” by Alan Cooper, 35
“Obituary for Barry Ulanov” 47
“Barry Ulanov in Memoriam: April 10, 1918-April 30, 2000” by Nancy M. de Flon, 49
“Barry Ulanov: A Eulogy” by Ann Ulanov, 51
“From Speechlessness to Presence” by Kathryn Wood Madden, 55
“The Creative Dilemma: The Influence of Shiller’s Aesthetics on the Life and Work of Otto Rank” by Claude Barbre, 79
“Professor David W. Lotz: Ave atque Vale!” by Nancy de Flon, 105
“A Study of Church History: A Vital Enterprise for Christian Theology and the Christian Churches” by David W. Lotz, 107
“The Importance of Church History for the Churches: An Interfaith Perspective” by W. Wesley Ariarajah, 115
“Why Does the Church Need Church History?” by Robert Louis Wilken, 121
“Valentinus and the Theology of Grace” by J. Woodrow McCree, 127

Book Reviews, 161
“Gordon Mursell, general editor. The Story of Christian Spirituality: Two Thousand Years from East to West” by Nancy de Flon, 161
“Dorothee Soelle. The Silent Cry: Mysticism and Resistance” by Sarah K. Pinnock, 163
“James Carroll. Constantine’s Sword: The Church and the Jews.” by Fred Weidmann, 169
“Richard Valantasis, editor. Religions of Late Antiquity in Practice” by Vincent L. Wimbush, 171

About the Contributors, 175


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