Union Seminary Quarterly Review, volume 35, issue 3-4 (1980)

“Photographs” by George Lorinczy, 145

“Towards a Theory of Semiotics and Reception; Or, How Audiences Give as Much as They Get” by Michael Hays, 147

“Painting” by Ann Christopher, 157

“Einstein and the Making of a Public Image” by James A. Fasanelli, 159

“Photograph” by George Lorinczy, 168

“Excerpts from Taxi Driver and American Gigolo” by Paul Schrader, 169

“About Schrader” by James Waller, 193

“The Song (Poem)” by Anne Leaver, 195

“The Cimmerii (Poem)” by Anne Leaver, 197

“Mass Communication Technology, Postmodern Fiction, and Theological Considerations” by Robert Detweiler, 201

“Painting” by Ann Christopher, 210

“Setting Cruising Straight” by Louis Tietje and Gary Schuler, 211

“Photographs” by Neal Slavin, 218

“The Daughters Cycle: Electra Speaks” by Clare Coss, Sondra Segal, and Roberta Sklar, 223

“Photograph” by George Lorinczy, 254

“The Art of Irony” by Barry Ulanov, 255

“Art and the Loss of Innocence” by Samuel Laeuchli, 267

Contributors to this issue, 278

Book Reviews
“The Grammar of Faith by Paul Holmer” by Cornel West, 279

“The Shroud of Turin: Burial Cloth of Jesus Christ? by Ian Wilson” by J. Robert Wright, 285

“Embodiment: An Approach to Sexuality and Christian Theology by James B. Nelson” by Walter B. Gulick, 291

“Faith and Freedom: Toward a Theology of Liberation by Schubert Ogden” by James H. Cone, 296

Index to Volume 35, 301


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