Report of the High-Level Commission on Carbon Prices

Stiglitz, Joseph E.; Stern, Nicholas; Duan, Maosheng; Edenhofer, Ottmar; Giraud, Gaël; Heal, Geoffrey M.; la Rovere, Emilio Lèbre; Morris, Adele; Moyer, Elisabeth; Pangestu, Mari; Shukla, Priyadarshi R.; Sokona, Youba; Winkler, Harald

The purpose of this Commission is to explore explicit carbon-pricing options and levels that would induce the change in behaviors— particularly in those driving the investments in infrastructure, technology, and equipment—needed to deliver on the temperature objective of the Paris Agreement, in a way that fosters economic growth and development, as expressed in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This report does not focus on the estimation and evaluation of the climate change impacts that would be avoided by reducing carbon emissions. While the Commission also covers other policies relevant and important to carbon-pricing design and delivery on the Paris agreement, its primary focus is on pricing. This report has been prepared based on the Commission’s assessment of the available evidence and literature as well as on its members’ judgment, developed through their extensive international policy experience. While the commissioners are in broad agreement on the overall thrust of the arguments presented in the report, they may not necessarily support every single assertion and conclusion.


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International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and International Development Association/The World Bank
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April 15, 2019