An open-source FEniCS implementation of a phase field fracture model for micropolar continua

Suh, Hyoung Suk; Sun, WaiChing

A micropolar phase field fracture model is implemented in an open source library FEniCS. This implementation is based on the theoretical study in Suh, H.S., O’Connor, D., and Sun, W. (under review) in which the resultant phase field model exhibits the consistent micropolar size effect in both elastic and damage regions identifiable via inverse problems for micropolar continua. By leveraging the automatic code generation technique in FEniCS, we provide a documentation of the source code expressed in a language very close to the mathematical expres- sions without comprising significant efficiency. This combination of generality and interpretability therefore enables us to provide a detailed walk-through that connects the implementation with the regularized damage theory for micropolar materials. By making the source code open source, the paper will provide an efficient development and educational tool for third-party verification and validation, as well as for future development of other higher order continuum damage models.


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International Journal for Multiscale Computational Engineering

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Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
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September 15, 2020