Union Seminary Quarterly Review, volume 44, issue 1-2 (1990)

“Jacques Derrida in the Garden of Eden” by Peter D. Miscall, 1

“Biblical Utopianism” by Yairah Amit, 11

“The Little Engine That Could? A Musing on Two Recent Studies of Early Christianity” by Richard A. Norris, Jr., 19

“Mortal Sins” by Burton L. Visotzky, 31

““The Devils Are Come Down upon Us”: Myth, History, and the Witch as Scapegoat” by Martha Reineke, 55

“Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Evil of Racism and the Recovery of Moral Vision” by Michael Eric Dyson, 85

“Deconstructing the Tradition: Narrative Strategies in Nascent Black Theology” by James H. Evans, Jr., 101

“The Good Mother, The Good Father, and Other Myths of Evil” by Irena Makarushka, 121

“The Rages of Sin” by Barry Ulanov, 137

“Biblical Imagery and the Experience of Evil” by Schuyler Brown, 151

““The trouble with our state” (poem)” by Daniel Berrigan, S.J., 157

“Barren or Fruitful, A Sign for the Times: A Commentary on the Parable of the Fig Tree” by Philip Berrigan, 159

“Obedience and Vocation: Faithful Resistance” by Elizabeth McAlister, 165

Book Reviews, 171

Contributors, 191


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