Union Seminary Quarterly Review, volume 47, issue 1-2 (1993)

1. “Contemptus Mundi: The Social Power of an Ancient Rhetorics and Worldview” by Vincent L. Wimbush, 1

2. ““A Pentecost of Politics”: Evangelicals, Public Discourse, and American Culture” by Randall Balmer, 15

3. “Gender—Being It or Doing It? The Church, Homosexuality, and the Politics of Identity” by Mary McClintock Fulkerson, 29

4. “Was Paul an “Anti-Semite”? A Reading of Galatians 3-4” by Daniel Boyarin, 47

Review Essays
5. “Luke’s μαγεíα and Garrett’s “Magic”” by David Frankfurter, 81

6. “The Liberation of Gaia” by Daniel T. Spencer, 91

7. “Reinhold Niebuhr in the 1990’s: A Look at the Literature” by Robert T. Cornelison, 103

Book Reviews
“The Way of the Lord, by Joel Marcus” by Eisenbaum, 121

“The Gospel of Thomas, by Marvin Meyer” by Riley, 124

“Submitting to Freedom, by Bennett Ramsey” by Behrens, 126

“Mystic Union, by Nelson Pike” by Bagger, 130

“On Presence, by Ralph Harper” by Light, 133

“The Window of Vulnerability, by Dorothee Sölle” by Wetherilt, 136

About the Contributors, 141


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