Union Seminary Quarterly Review, volume 56, issue 1-2 (2002)

Editorial Statement, vii

“The American Way in the Presence of Fear” by Larry L. Rasmussen, 1

Encountering Texts, Encountering Communities: A Symposium on African and Asian American Engagements with the Bible
“Contact Zones and Zoning Contexts: From the Los Angeles “Riot” to a New York Symposium” by Tat-Siong Benny Liew and Vincent L. Wimbush, 21
“More Than Personal Encounters: Identity, Community, and Interpretation” by Tat-Siong Benny Liew, 41
““It’s been a long time, a long time coming, but I know a change is gonna’ come”” by Randall C. Bailey, 45
“My Journey into Diasporic Hermeneutics” by Kah-Jin Jeffrey Kuan, 50
“Biblical Interpretation as an Act of Community Accountability” by Gay L. Byron, 55
“My Father Has No Children” by Henry W. Morisada Rietz, 59
“Making and re-Making Worlds: African Americans and the Bible” by Velma Love, 64
“Encountering Biblical Critics from Minority Communities: A Response” by Fernando F. Segovia, 71
“The Bible and Contextual Reading: Encountering Communities, Encountering Texts—A Response” by Archie C. C. Lee, 77

Costly Grace: Race and Reparations, Theological and Ethical Readings of Communities
“Scrupulous Memory” by Larry L. Rasmussen, 85
“Plenary Address to Session One: “African Americans—Slavery and Reparations”” by Patricia J. Williams, 90
“Empire and Forgottenness: Abysmal Sylphs in the Reparations Debate for Black Folks in the United States” by emilie m. townes, 99
“Not Racism or Flag-Waving but Solidarity: The Challenge to Whites of the African-American Reparations Movement” by Mary E. Hobgood, 116
“And Justice for All” by JoAnne H. Kagiwada, 126
“Plenary Address to Session Two: “Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders”” by Kahu Tyrone Reinhardt, 137
“Costly Grace: Race and Reconciliation—An Asian Perspective” by D. Preman Niles, 147
“The Historical Imagination and Latina/o Land Rights” by Daisy L. Machado, 155
“Reparations and the Question of Land” by Andrea Smith, 169
“A Case for the Puerto Ricans, The Forgotten People” by Ana María Díaz-Stevens, 178
“Truth—Guilt—Reconciliation” by Wolfgang Huber, 187
“On the Negotiations on Compensation for Nazi Forced Laborers” by Otto Graf Lambsdorff, 195
“Where Do We Go from Here?” by Derrick A. Bell, Jr., 206
“Slavery, Reparations and the Churches” by Dorothy J. Tillman, 215
“Theology After the Holocaust and After Slavery: Emil L. Fackenheim and James H. Cone” by David O. Woodyard, 220

Book Reviews
“Dieter Hessel and Larry Rasmussen, editors. Earth Habitat: Eco-Injustice and the Church’s Response” by James B. Martin-Schramm, 243
“Pamela K. Brubaker. Globalization at What Price? Economic Change and Daily Life” by Cynthia D. Moe-Lobeda, 247
“Gary David Comstock. A Whosoever Church: Welcoming Lesbians and Gay Men into African American Congregations” by Traci C. West, 252

About the Contributors, 259


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