Union Seminary Quarterly Review, volume 51, issue 3-4 (1997)

1. “Introduction” by Kathryn Madden and Claude Barbre, 1
2. “Precision” by Robin van Löben Sels, 9
3. “The Colors of Grace: Receiving and Weaving in the Space of the Transcendent” by Kathryn Madden
4. “Ruth: A Text in Therapy” by Phyllis Trible, 33
5. “The Intersection of Two Disciplines in Group Therapy” by Dorothy W. Martyn, 43
6. “The Significance of Otto Rank’s Thinking for the Further Development of Pyschoanalysis” by Esther Menaker, 55
7. “Early Trauma and the Transpersonal: Evolving Stages in Suffering the Ego-Self Relationship” by Donald E. Kalsched, 63
8. “The Other in Time and Timelessness” by Beverly D. Zabriskie, 91
9. “The Search for Spirit in Jungian Psychology” by Aryeh Maidenbaum, 101
10. “A Response to Ann Ulanov’s Presentation “Depth Psychology and the Transcendent”” by Carroll E. Arkema, 101
11. “A Personal Note about Ann Ulanov” by Ruth Tiffany Barnhouse, 127
12. “Calling ad Divine Summons: Biblical and Depth Psychological Perspectives” by Russell H. Davis, 131
13. “Enter the Name That Is Yours: The Essential We Embody” by Claude Barbre, 145

Book Reviews, 167
Ann Belford Ulanov: A Bibliography, 191
About the Contributors, 199


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