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Dakin, Jee Wha

It’s pretty amazing, when you become a mom. You automatically become connected to other women who are moms, and you become more deeply connected to your own. It’s like a huge global club of members who are experiencing their kids’ (and their own) milestones, regardless of their time zone, culture, or language. Some ultimately graduate to become part of the grandmother club, and even fewer are lucky enough to become part of the great-grandmother club. When you are a mom and a doctoral student, to boot, you become part of a coterie of women who never surrender learning and growing. Balancing a personal life, making an adequate income, and maintaining a focus on studies has been a great challenge for me.

As I complete the first draft of my dissertation, and as I was asked to reflect on motherhood, one thought kept coming back to me again and again: Writing a dissertation is all about momentum; having a kid is all about interruptions.


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