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Homeostasis of Adipose Tissue Macrophages

Edwin, Ethan

Adipose tissue macrophages are a heterogeneous component of adipose tissue with poorly defined ontogeny. I test the hypothesis that macrophage populations in murine adipose have distinct ontogenies that determine their functions. In Aim 1, I identify resident and recruited adipose macrophage populations using three complementary cell-tracking techniques. In Aim 2, I characterize the transcriptomes of resident and recruited adipose macrophages. In Aim 3, I increase the expression of either a macrophage recruitment factor or a macrophage growth factor in adipose. Overall, I conclude that there are distinct populations of resident and recruited macrophages in adipose and that macrophage ontogeny is an important factor that determines phenotype.


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Nutritional and Metabolic Biology
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Ferrante, Anthony W.
Ph.D., Columbia University
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February 12, 2020