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Spherical Indentation Equilibrium Mechanical Data of Nonpregnant Human Cervical Tissue

Shi, Lei; Myers, Kristin M.

These files contain experimental data from a mechanical study evaluating the four-level, ramp-hold tissue material response to spherical indentation on human cervical samples for 52 locations of 13 cervical samples from 7 cervices. The data in this file correspond to the manuscript entitled, "Anisotropic Material Characterization of Human Cervix Tissue based on Indentation and Inverse Finite Element Analysis", to be published in the ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering in 2019 in the special issue honoring Y.C. Fung’s 100th Birthday. The manuscript is co-authored by Lei Shi, Wang Yao, Yu Gan, Lily Zhao, W. Eugene McKee, Joy Vink, Ronald Wapner, Christine Hendon, and Kristin Myers.

The RawData folder contains .csv files corresponding to each tested location. Each file includes the experimental indentation equilibrium force and strain data – see manuscript for methods. The name of the file indicates the sample ID, which includes the gestation status (NP = nonpregnant), the sample number identifier, the location in the cervix (EO = External OS & IO = Internal OS), and the indentation location on the sample (A, P, L, and R = Anterior, Posterior, Left, and Right, respectively). For example, NP1-IO_A corresponds to the experimental data for nonpregnant sample #1 internal os in the anterior quadrant.

In these files, the columns correspond to: the indentation depth [mm], Lagrangian strain exx, eyy, and exy, and force [N] of the tests. The force and depth are recorded from a universal testing machine and the exx, eyy, and exy are calculated via Vic2D (Correlated Solutions Inc.) using the figures recorded using VicSnap (Correlated Solutions Inc.). The strain data are taken directly under the indenter tip, where the coordinate system is rotated such that exx and eyy align with the circumferential and radial directions of the cervical slices, respectively. In the manuscript they correspond to exx_EXP, eyy_EXP, and exy_EXP.


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June 4, 2019


keywords: soft tissue mechanics, mechanical tests, pregnancy, human tissue, computational biomechanics, cervix