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Data for: Observations of mean and wave orbital flows in the ocean's upper centimetres (version 2)

Laxague, Nathan J. M.; Zappa, Christopher J.

Observations of near-surface ocean currents, collected in 2008 in the Santa Barbara Channel. Archive contains a brief 'readme' file and two central MATLAB routines. The routines will grab the included raw data and make use of a small library of additional codes to reproduce key figures in "Observations of mean and wave orbital flows in the ocean's upper centimetres", Laxague & Zappa (2019), Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

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Academic Units
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Ocean and Climate Physics
Published Here
November 19, 2019


This data set serves as accompaniment to a manuscript currently (at the time of this writing) under review at the Journal of Fluid Mechanics. For version 1 of this data set, which is available at, references to figure numbers in the associated manuscript were not correct. For the version of the data set which is available in this record (version 2), the figure references within the enclosed MATLAB script 'step02_generate_individual_figures.m' have been fixed. As it is now, a user can execute individual sections of the enclosed code to exactly reproduce the paper's figures from the raw data streams used in the authors' analyses.