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Opportunities for Sharing Resources Among Research Data Repositories

Downs, Robert R.; Lehnert, Kerstin A.

Sharing information, knowledge, technology, and services improves capabilities to facilitate open science through open data. Opportunities for resource sharing are enabled through various kinds of relationships. Resource sharing among data repositories addresses mutual needs, science demands, project goals, organizational objectives, as well as other conditions. Some data curation services that benefit from resource sharing include repository services, system services, data services, review services, and organizational services. Developing and distributing open source software products and repository platforms also fosters sharing among data repositories. These issues and opportunities for data sharing, along with examples, are discussed.


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Downs, Robert R. and Lehnert, Kerstin A. 2020. Opportunities for Sharing Resources Among Research Data Repositories. 2020. Research Data Alliance 16th Plenary (RDA P16), Virtual, 9-12 November 2020.

Presented on November 9, 2020 at the Joint Meeting - Repository Platforms for Research Data IG and Domain Repositories IG: Approaches for Selecting Research Data Repository Platforms and Sharing Resources to Facilitate Open Science, during the Research Data Alliance 16th Plenary (RDA P16), that was held virtually on 9-12 November 2020. Information about RDA P16 is available on the webpage and information about the joint session is available on the webpage.