The persistent signature of tropical cyclones in ambient seismic noise

Gualtieri , Lucia; Camargo, Suzana J.; Pascale, Salvatore; Pons, Flavio; Ekström, Göran

The spectrum of ambient seismic noise shows strong signals associated with tropical cyclones, yet a detailed understanding of these signals and the relationship between them and the storms is currently lacking. Through the analysis of more than a decade of seismic data recorded at several stations located in and adjacent to the northwest Pacific Ocean, here we show that there is a persistent and frequency-dependent signature of tropical cyclones in ambient seismic noise that depends on characteristics of the storm and on the detailed location of the station relative to the storm. An adaptive statistical model shows that the spectral amplitude of ambient seismic noise, and notably of the short-period secondary microseisms, has a strong relationship with tropical cyclone intensity and can be employed to extract information on the tropical cyclones.


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Earth and Planetary Science Letters

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Keywords: ambient seismic noise, tropical cyclones, statistical modeling