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In Service to the New Nation: The Life and Legacy of John Jay--Panel 4: Roundtable on The Future of Documentary Editing & the Founding Era

Meadows, R. Darrell; Martin, Sara; Shulman, Holly C.; Steenshorne, Jennifer E.; Stertzer, Jennifer

The John Jay Papers Project, Columbia University Libraries, and Columbia University’s Office of the Provost presented "In Service to the New Nation: The Life & Legacy of John Jay," a two-day virtual conference (January 22-23, 2021) celebrating the near completion of the Project’s seven-volume series The Selected Papers of John Jay. Featuring a keynote address and panel sessions, the conference events highlight John Jay’s (1745-1829) notable career in public service and his numerous contributions to the new American republic as a jurist, statesman, diplomat, and politician.

The "Roundtable on The Future of Documentary Editing & the Founding Era" discusses the practices and future of the documentary editing method. The chair is R. Darrell Meadows (National Historical Publications and Records Commission), and the panelists are Sara Martin (Adams Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society), Holly C. Shulman (Dolley Madison Digital Edition), Jennifer E. Steenshorne (John Jay Papers), and Jennifer Stertzer (Washington Papers, Center for Digital Editing).


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