Union Seminary Quarterly Review, volume 8, issue 2 (1953)

“The Relevance of Worship to Life” by James S. Stewart, 3

“The Church and the Capitalist Crisis” by George W. Edwards, 9

“Woe Unto Us Who Are Biblically Literate!” by Edith Hunter, 12
Reply by Lewis J. Sherrill, 16

“The Answers” by Darius Leander Swann, 18

“The Holy Spirit and Us” by A. Durwood Foster, 28

Quadrangle News, 31

Alumni Notes, 33

Book Reviews, 40
James Muilenburg, E.L. Cherbonnier, W.S. Davison, F.C. Grant, H.P. Van Dusen, D.E. Roberts, P.W. Meyers, M.S. Bates, P.J. Ramstad, P.A. Carter


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