Union Seminary Quarterly Review, volume 19, issue 4, pt. 1 (1964)


"The Challenge of Rapid Social Change" by Paul Abrecht, 291

"Encounter with Non-Christian Faiths" by Kenneth Cragg, 299

"World Confessionalism: An Asian Point of View" by Tetsutaro Ariga, 311

"The Crisis in African Christianity" by Daisuke Kitagawa, 323

"The World Council of Churches' Influence on Missions" by Victor E. W. Hayward, 335

"Missions Book List" by Herbert Jackson, 343

"Discussion: Tillich's Systematic Theology, vol. III" by John Macquarrie, 345; by John H. Randall, Jr., 351

"Verse" by David Wolf Budhill, 297; by William J. Schmidt, 309

"Book Reviews," 361
James M. Ault, Frank Baker, Donald A. Braue, Henry B. Clark, Richard E. Crouter, Alfred Diamant, Jack C. Greenawalt, Thayer A. Greene, Morris J. Niedenthal, Oscar E. Remick, Nathan A. Scott, Jr., Roger L. Shinn, Robert R. Williams

"Spring Book List," 391

"Index, Volume XIX," 393


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