Union Seminary Quarterly Review, volume 49, issue 1-4 (1995)

Volume 49: Number 1-2
Countdown to 2000: Essays on Apocalypticism
“Reflections on Apocalypticism at the Approach of the Year 2000” by Stephen L. Cook, Guest Editor, 3

1. ““Thy Kingdom Come”: Apocalypticism in American Culture” by Randall Balmer, 17
2. “The Gog/Magog Tradition in the Hebrew Bible and the Qur’an: Points of Similarity and Dissimilarity” by John Kaltner, 35
3. “On Owls, Roosters, and Apocalyptic Time: A Historical Method for Reading a Refractory Documentation” by Richard Landes, 49
4. “Shaker Apocalypticism” by Marsha Mihok, 71
5. “Apocalypse Now! The Realized Eschtology of the “Christian Identity” Movement” by Patrick Minges, 83
6. ““Power over the Land”: Maori Millennialism” by Jean Rosenfeld, 109

Book Reviews
“Charles B. Strozier, Apocalypse: On the Psychology of Fundamentalism in America” by Claude Barbre
“Malcolm Bull, Apocalypse Theory and the Ends of the World” by Claude Barbre
“Bernard McGinn, Antichrist: Two Thousand Years of the Human Fascination with Evil” by Claude Barbre, 119

Volume 49: Number 3-4
The New Order in the Church
7. “Gustavo Gutierrez in Poststructuralist Critique: Toward a Postmodern Liberation” by Jaime R. Balboa, 127
8. “Community and Diversity: Social Ethical Reflections on a Challenge for Church and Society” by Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, 147
9. “Creation and Procreation in the Biblical Teaching on Homosexuality” by Thomas B. Dozeman, 169
10. “Thoughts on the Americanization of Paul Tillich” by Hans Schwarz, 193
11. ““In the Middle of Sodom and Gomorrah”: Raleigh-Area Churches and the Homosexuality Issue” by James C. Waller, 205

Book Reviews
“Rainer Albertz, A History of Israelite Religion in the Old Testament Period” by George M. Landes, 245
“Anne Bathurst Gilson, Eros Breaking Free: Interpreting Sexual Theo-Ethics” by James C. Waller, 250

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