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Analyzing Digital Photogrammetry for Heritage Preservation

Kesack, Robert

Analyzing Digital Photogrammetry for Heritage Preservation is an in-depth, analysis of the technical variables which impact photogrammetric processes utilized in architectural conservation. Precisely how do variables such as camera equipment, computer software, and hardware configurations alter the potential of digital photogrammetry, as a tool, for the building conservator? The core of this study focuses on the correlation between criteria such as accessibility, time, and cost concerning quality and practical, useful application. Given the rapidly evolving state of the digital world, often it is assumed that newer and more expensive technology equates to better results. Are we currently on the verge of the next technological leap in how heritage documentation is recorded and presented digitally? Does photogrammetry hold the key to facilitating this process? The project being presented addresses these questions through experimentation utilizing a range of camera equipment (from an iPad Pro to a Medium Format DSLR), experimental in-field and post-processing workflows, popular proprietary and open-source software, and taking an analytical approach to understanding the output obtained through experimentation. Although many in the conservation community are familiar with the concept of digital photogrammetry and are perhaps even experienced with the technique, there can often be a fundamental disconnect for the individuals implementing the photogrammetry (and therefore choosing the equipment) and those individuals with specific expectations for output on a given project. Lastly, this thesis presents findings in a way that they can serve as a handbook for practitioners and clients alike when deciding on the most practical, cost-effective, and efficient approach for their needs.


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Historic Preservation
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Weiss, Norman R.
M.S., Columbia University
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June 24, 2019