Global Indigenous Youth: Through Their Eyes

In this book, we, Indigenous Youth, explore the human rights challenges that we face nowadays, including how we view our identity as Indigenous youth in the face of modernization and globalization. We get a glimpse of how the Youth practice Traditional Knowledge in a contemporary world and live their everyday life in a culture filled with traditions. Some write about the health of their communities—be it spiritual or physical. Others write about experiences with migration and immigration. The Youth expound upon their experiences with sexism and racism, and their lifelong battles for land rights and intellectual property protection for Indigenous knowledge. Some Youth come with portrayals of poverty and unemployment, while others write about technology, innovation and the education systems in their region. This richness on the different issues addressed by the authors responds to the need that the book be an honest testimony of Indigenous Youth. This is why, for the first time ever, the Indigenous Youth, under the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus, are narrating their own stories.


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Academic Units
Institute for the Study of Human Rights
Institute for the Study of Human Rights, Columbia University
Published Here
October 28, 2019


Individual chapters from this book are available in Academic Commons at the following links:

Dali Angel, Victor A. Lopez-Carmen, Elsa Stamatopoulou, Seqininnguaq Lynge Poulsen and Jayathma Wickramanayake - "Acknowledgements, About the Cover Art, Forward",;

Qivioq Nivi Løvstrøm, Kibett Carson Kiburo and Q”apaj Conde - "Introduction",;

Juweria Ali - "Historic Violence and Contemporary Resistance in the Ogaden-Somali Region: A Youth Perspective",;

Amnai Handaine - "Through the Eyes of a Young Amazigh",;

Aisah Czarianne Mariano - "Carrying on the Fight",;

Abhinav Joshi - "The Life of an Indigenous Youth",;

Ole-Henrik Lifjell - "Further Assimilation",;

Seqininnguaq Lynge Poulsen - "The Necessity of Breaking Taboos",;

Maria Antonia Benito Tomas and Rayanne Cristine Maximo Franca - "Indigenous Youth Speaking About Their Rights: Our Stories are Guided by the Energy of the Hearts of our Grandfathers and Grandmothers",;

Varvara Korkina - "Indigenous Youth in Russia: Challenges and Opportunities",;

Elvir Sahirman - "The Struggle of the Indigenous Peoples of Crimea for Survival",;

Marcos A. Moreno - "America’s Forgotten Minority: Indigenous Youth Perspectives on the Challenges Related to Healthcare Access, Widespread Poverty and Public Misinformation Regarding Native Americans",;

Shanese Indoowaaboo Steele - "Gwayakotam, She Finds out the Truth",;

Sylvia Elias - "The Indigenous Youths in Micronesia, Pacific: The Movers and Shakers",;

Jesse T. Martin - "Fighting Today for a Better Tomorrow",