Union Seminary Quarterly Review, volume 1, issue 4 (1946)

"The Two Types of Philosophy of Religion" by Paul Tillich, 3

"Reflections of a Protestant Chaplain" by John Dillenberger, 14

"Roman Catholic and Protestant Chaplains" by Robert Appleyard, 17

"A Survey of Recent Theological Literature Religious Education" by Harrison S. Elliott, 21

"Practical Theology" by Walter Russell Bowie, 23

News of Foreign Alumni, 27

Book Reviews, 29
Clarence T. Craig, Edward L. Long, Jr., Raymond Gibson, Francis B. Hall, Foster Hilliard, A. T. Mollegen, Paul Walenta, James Muilenburg, Charles R. Sweet, Arthur Jeffery, Glenn Martin, Robert Appleyard, Paul Freed, William J. Wolf, Vernon I. Flynn, Robert H. Nichols, G. Esther Vodola, Adolph H. Behrenberg, Burns Brodhead, Cora Klick, Susan Gibson.

Contributors, 26

Reviewers, 47


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