Union Seminary Quarterly Review, volume 7, issue 2 (1952)

“The Dedication of Auburn Hall: What Auburn Hall Means” by Walter S. Davison, 3

“The Dedication of Auburn Hall: The Audio-Visual Center — An Address” by Ronald Bridges, 5

“The Dedication of Auburn Hall: The Audio-Visual Center and its Program” by Charles and Marian Johnson, 8

“Coherence, Incoherence, and Christian Faith” by Reinhold Niebuhr, 11

“The “Super-Theologians” Meet” by Henry Pitney Van Dusen and Reinhold Niebuhr, 25

“The Christian and Action” by J. Gordon Chamberlain, 27

“Faith Undergirding the Reconstruction of Belief” by Frank W. Herriott, 31

“New Life Among German Laymen” by Edward A. Dowey, Jr., 33

“George Albert Coe” by Frank W. Herriott, 38

Quadrangle News, 39

Alumni Notes, 42

Book Reviews, 50


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