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LDEO Ice-Tethered Observatory Data from Kotzebue Sound, Jan - Apr 2019.

Zappa, Christopher J.; Witte, Carson Riggs

Measurements of net LW and SW fluxes (Kipp & Zonen CNR2); air temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed, and solar insolation (Gill Maximet GMX-541); under-ice water temperature, conductivity, and pressure (Seabird SBE39 and RBR Concerto); and under-ice 3D current profiles (Nortek Aquadopp HR). Location: 66.8969N, 162.6170W. Duration: January 2019 - April 2019. Data are provided in one file for each instrument, with clear headings. Sampling interval is 10 minutes for all instruments, except for the Nortek Aquadopp HR which has a sampling interval of 15 minutes.

Geographic Areas


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