Union Seminary Quarterly Review, volume 38, issue 3-4 (1984)

“Introduction” by Gillian Lindt, 259

“The Wall of Separation” by Joseph L. Blau, 263

“Tolerance as Principle and as Necessity” by John E. Smith, 289

“The Magna Charta of Religious Freedom in America” by Robert T. Handy, 301

“Religious Freedom and Popular Sovereignty: A Change in the Flow of God’s Power, 1730-1830” by William G. McLoughlin, 319

“Freedom and/or Separation: The Constitutional Dilemma of the First Amendment” by Leo Pfeffer, 337

“Up Against the Wall: The Uneasy Separation of Church and State” by A. E. Dick Howard, 361

“American Civil Religion and the Rise of Pluralism” by David Little, 401

“Heretics, Infidels, and Other Outcastes: Some Limits on Toleration” by Gillian Lindt, 415

“Religious Toleration and Religious Freedom in American Culture: Some Concluding Reflections” by John F. Wilson, 433

Contributors, 446

Book Reviews, 449
“Separation of Church and State: Historical Fact and Current Fiction, by Robert L. Cord” Reviews by F. W. O’Brien and John W. Baker

“Church, State, and Politics by The Ear Warren Conference on Advocacy in the United States; and Freedom of Religion in America: Historical Roots, Philosophical Concepts and Contemporary Problems, ed. Henry B. Clark” Reviewed by Robert F. Drinan

Index to Volume 38, 464

Erratum, 467


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