Tendon enthesis positional recruitment model

Golman, Michael; Genin, Guy; Thomopoulos, Stavros

A mathematical model was developed to describe the mechanics of the tendon enthesis across a range of joint orientations and geometries.

This zip file contains all relevant code for the simulations in this paper.

The MATLAB codes are as follow:

1) WORKING_V5_Postural_RecruitmentModel.m
— runs the positional recruitment model with specified parameters

2) WORKING_V5_Normalized_Postural_RecruitmentModel.m
— Normalizes outputs of WORKING_V5_Postural_RecruitmentModel.m
— currently set up for the case of loading at a 90° abduction angle
— this code was used for producing the normalized plots in the paper

3) V5p2_ANGLE_Batch_analysis_WORKING_Postural_RecruitmentModel.m
— this code runs WORKING_V5_Normalized_Postural_RecruitmentModel.m over a range of loading directions
— the code was used to generate figures for toughness gain versus strength loss

4) V5Batch_analysis_WORKING_Postural_RecruitmentModel.m
— runs working_v5 over range of fiber spacing
— the code was used to generate the supplemental figures

5) Analysis_Code_Material.m, modulusCalc.m, and resil_tough.m
— three codes for analyzing experimental force-displacement data
— place all three in a single directory, and run analysis_code_material.m with the name of the input file added to this code


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September 17, 2021