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Floer Homology via Twisted Loop Spaces

Rezchikov, Semen

This thesis proposes an improved notion of coefficient system for Lagrangian Floer Homology which allows one to produce nontrivial invariants away from characteristic 2, even when coherent orientations of moduli spaces of Floer trajectories do not exist. This explains a suggestion of Witten. The invariant can be computed in examples, and the method explained below should be extensible to other Floer-theoretic invariants. The basic idea is that the moduli spaces of curves admit fundamental classes in homology with coefficients in the orientation lines of the moduli spaces, and the usual construction of coherent orientations actually shows that these fundamental classes naturally map to spaces of paths twisted with appropriate coefficient systems. These twisted path spaces admit enough algebraic structure to make sense of Floer homology with coefficients in these path spaces.


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Abouzaid, Mohammed
Ph.D., Columbia University
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June 16, 2021