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Moving Past the Stigma?: The Narrative of Menstruation in Wash and MHM Organizations

Miller, Victoria

Menstruation is associated with social stigma, however, over the past decade menstrual hygiene management (MHM) has received increased attention as a global concern. MHM emerged from the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) sector and has played an influential role in framing the discourse around menstruation. This research looks at the environment that led to the WASH sector owning the term MHM and how that influences the narrative today. Through a discourse analysis of documents of influential organizations working on MHM, this thesis explores the narratives being put forth in connection to ideas of concealment, bodily management, and hygiene with the aim to uncover the narrative of menstruation and whether or not it reinforces or lifts the menstrual stigma.


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Academic Units
Institute for the Study of Human Rights
Thesis Advisors
Winkler, Inga T.
M.A., Columbia University
Published Here
May 22, 2019