Union Seminary Quarterly Review, volume 6, issue 1 (1950)

“A Meditation on Divine Fatherhood” by James Muilenburg, 3

“The Gospel of the Glory of the Blessed God” by Charles H. Dodd, 6

“Reflections on the British Theological Scene” by Robert McAfee Brown, 11

“The Friend” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 16

“Some Meditations” by Bruce Dahlberg, 19

Quadrangle News, 23

Alumni Notes, 25

Book Reviews, 43
J.C. Bennett, J.L. Casteel, W.S. Davison, L.B. Gilkey, F.C. Grant, Walter Harrelson, F.D. Josselyn, Alexander Miller, John Knox, Donald Mathers, C.C. Richardson, D.E. Roberts, G.T. Stapels, Burton Throckmorton, Jr., H.P. Van Dusen


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