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LDEO Longwave and Shortwave Downwelling Radiation in Kotzebue, Alaska from Oct 2017 - May 2019

Zappa, Christopher J.; Witte, Carson Riggs

Measurements of longwave (Kipp & Zonen CGR4) and shortwave (Kipp & Zonen CMP22) downwelling radiation were made from a tower above the Fish & Wildlife Service building in Kotzebue, Alaska from 5 October 2017 through 18 May 2019. Location: 66.894806N, 162.601310W. The data include a timestamp (MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM), Record Number (RecordNum), Downwelling Solar radiation (Rs), CMP22 Instrument Temperature (T_cmp22), Downwelling Longwave radiation (Rl_corr), CGR4 Instrument Temperature (T_cgr4), Datalogger Temperature (panel_temp), Datalogger Input Battery Voltage (batt_volt). Units are provided in the data file. Data is provided at a sampling interval of 10 min.

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